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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dulahazra Safari Park: A unique place to see wildlife

One of Bangladesh’s most unique tourist destinations is right here at Chakaria Upazila in Cox’s Bazar district. A place where umpteen varieties of animals like Bengal tiger, giraffe, elephant, crocodile, bear, chital, monkey and different kinds of birds are found. It is a place where scientists and educators can study animals to better understand them. It is a place where visitors can learn about nature and wildlife. A place called Dulahazra Safari Park.

Dulahazra Safari Park was developed on an undulating landscape of around 2,224 acres of area at Chakaria Upazila, some 107 km away from the port city Chittagong. The park is home to at least 4,000 animals of 165 species. It is a living laboratory where every aspect of the natural world presents unique venues for personal experience.

You can choose to take a walk through the park to explore the extraordinary wildlife. Some of the animals are close to entry gate zone. The park offers outstanding opportunities for wildlife viewing and photography.

Dulahazra also offers horseback and elephant-back rides for visitors who love wildlife and are looking for a new adventure. This tour takes guests on a journey through the park overlooking breathing landscapes with spectacular views of safari areas and habitat.

Since the park was made open to the public, it has been drawing a huge crowd all year round. Many visitors come here every day to enrich their personal experience.

Many individuals donated some of the animals to the park. The seized and donated animals recently sent to the park include 90 spotted deer (chital), 42 barking deer (maya, a species of muntjac deer), three sambar deer, one freshwater crocodile, one saltwater crocodile, nine black bear, four pythons, 17 peacocks, 19 Turkish pheasants and two emus. Other source of animal includes the Dhaka Zoo. When the animal population in Dhaka zoo has increased over the years due to their breeding, it has donated a number of lions and tigers to the Dulahazra Safari Park.

The signature experience is exploring Dulahazra Safari Park with safari transport to see and learn about the rare and endangered animals from around the world living in an open habitat.
Saiful A. Siddique, an automotive engineer, writes from the USA.-DailySun

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