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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Drama serial “Adda” on Rtv

Drama serial “Adda” will be aired tonight on Rtv at 9:50pm. The screenplay of the serial has been done by Alvi Ahmed. Ahmed is the director of the serial as well.
The plot of the serial follows the friendship between Sajjad, Kaushik and Rumpa. Sajjad is a struggling actor desperate searching for his breakthrough role. Kaushik works for a mobile operator. Rumpa is the assistant editor of a literary magazine. Sajjad and Kaushik live in a rented flat while Rumpa lives with her brother Babu. Babu got married twice, both ending on sour notes. Together, Babu, Kaushik and Sajjad forms an "anti-marriage" group called "Chhirokumar Sabha." The three continue with their vows to never get marred until Mithila, an affluent, beautiful and whiny woman who went to school with Rumpa, emerges on the scene.
The cast includes Sumaiya Shimu, Apurba, Shajol, Runa Khan, Sheuti, Shahadat Hossain and others.
(The Daily Star-22.10.2008)

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